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Life Jacket Care

While wearing a life jacket is extremely important it is just as important to care for your life jacket properly. A worn-out or broken life jacket will not save you in the event of an accident. Below are tips on how to properly care for your life jacket: 

Inflatable Life Jacket Care

  • Test: Orally inflate & holds air for 16 hours
  • Inspect inflation mechanism (not discharged, no corrosion, and properly installed)
  • If it holds air, repack and use
  • Replace the CO2 cylinder every time it is activated

*Refer to OWNER’S MANUAL for specific maintenance requirements.

All Life Jacket Care

  • Use properly
  • No rips, waterlogging or mildew
  • Dry after use
  • Hand wash in mild detergent
  • Store in a dry place when not boating

*Refer to OWNER’S MANUAL for specific maintenance requirements.

No matter what the activity or style chosen, the most important thing is this: Be responsible and always wear your life jacket while boating. For information on life jacket care visit  


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